Art Brunch im Bad #15: Elaine W. HO & Valerie WOLF GANG


為了準備星期日的Art Brunch,跟大姐學給西方人做我的“中國菜”——好醜的油條,包在很怪的糍饭团裡,很受歡迎。

“What do artists do all day?” may be a silly question, but if it is intriguing enough to warrant its own BBC documentary series, it is enough to call us together for brunch on a Sunday morning. Indeed, answering this question for the specificity of a three-month sojourn in Graz is part of the artist’s responsibility towards what may be called employers or hosts, or maybe new friends. As a call to rethink the liquidity of our own precariousness as art workers and human beings — sometimes also known as on-going existential crisis — social responsibility shall be relayed here by the artist as a lecture-performance invoking representations of both past work and current explorations, dedications and quotations. There may be some repetition. I will try not to talk with my mouth full.

20160710_油條 20160711_糍饭团