Toni Ho (Earth-616), from New Avengers. Vol. 4, 1

大姐發現了何氏姐妹的第四超幻妹妹Toni Ho後,二姐也發現了她被賦予了新超能力,現成為“技術殺手”。用四天的時間,她已殺了四台筆記本和一部手機!!!還好兩台筆記本能恢復,可是手機就要等到她返大陸啦——也就是說,這段時間何子無法親自回覆,自動放了WhatsApp和微信假。有事請大家發郵件聯絡。

In uncanny timing with the discovery of a fourth “超ultra un-real” Ho sister named Antonia, or Toni Ho, Ho Sister Two discovers her newfound superpower as techno-assassin. In four days, she has managed to kill three laptops and one mobile phone. Thankfully two computers have been resuscitated, but the mobile phone will have to wait for her return to China, meaning WhatsApp and WeChat access will be restricted for the next few weeks. Please forward your digital concerns, gripes and love letters by e-mail, and thank you for your patience.

《無敵女殺手》,陳寶珠 Connie Chan

“女殺手 Lady Assassin” from the album 《無敵女殺手 Invincible Lady Assassin》by 陳寶珠 Connie Chan