收聽 TUNE-IN |🌐 hkcr.live
2023-03-11 星期六 Saturday 21:00 (Hong Kong) / 20:00 (Yogyakarta)

Mi or Mie in Bahasa Indonesia means ‘noodles’, while mi in Chinese can mean ‘rice’. These over-indulgences of critical carbs are the workout diet for the UltraCirculation Study Group, who spent the last month around and about Yogyakarta with KUNCI Study Forum & Collective. For an hour at Hong Kong Community Radio ♨️ CRITICAL CIRCULATION MI ♨️ will stream a few of their impressions along with field recordings, dedications, and ultra-distortions from the Xiao Mi Sidrassi made by KAJITRON. Fabulations slowly unfold…


📌 This event is part of the field work of UltraCirculation, a study group within the Ultradependent Public School. Circulated by Wan Ing Que and Elaine W. Ho, UltraCirculation investigates forms of movement that escape mainstream routes of access to capital—cultural, intellectual, economic, political. It is interested in a kind of knowledge that can only be created in transit.
Ultradependent Public School unfolds from bak as the public negotiation of a curriculum to learn what we really need to enact the worlds we really want.