Ms. PAPERBRIDGEEE and Ms. PORTABLE (特別二,姐) are the courier psyches of LIGHT LOGISTICS, the artist-run delivery unit of 展銷場 Display Distribute. As a support to the sociopolitical engagements of independent publishing from East and Southeast Asia, their dispatches most often contain the counter-hegemonic knowledges and practices carried by the Display Distribute distro. Not independent from the ebbs of the biopolitically diseased era, however, it appears that the books and bodies of PAPERBRIDGEEE and PORTABLE will remain quite stationary for some time. To enrich their idleness, they decide to embark upon an internal reflection of their work over the last years by literally opening up boxes, reading together, and allowing the blown waters of inefficiency to reevaluate other forms of movement under the shadows of global infrastructure.



A performance dialogue you missed, but documented online forever and ever… Carried out by Display Distribute LIGHT LOGISTICIANS Sonia Cheng and Elaine W. Ho with the support of Hong Kong Community Radio. The Making Matters Symposium took place in Rotterdam and online from 19-21 November 2020 in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut. 何穎雅 Elaine W. Ho works between the realms of art, social practice, and language—since 2015 also a co-conspirator of 展銷場 Display Distribute, a thematic inquiry, distribution service, now and again exhibition space, and sometimes shop founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Seeping via the capricious circulation patterns of low-end globalization into other subaltern networks and grammars, Display Distribute’s recent activities include the experimental infrastructure LIGHT LOGISTICS, poetic research, and archival unit Shanzhai Lyric and a peripatetic radio programme of hidden feminist narratives known as Widow Radio Ching.