‘On camaraderie, propaganda and the Black Book: Recent thoughts from Hong Kong’ recently shared with the Šeleppūtu network of publishing practitioners. Read here.
About Šeleppūtu (šalippūtu; [plural: šeleppūtātu])
Old Akkadian name for “she”-turtles, or turtles of dry land; initiated by Kayfa ta (Maha Maamoun & Ala Younis) and Barakunan (Sarah Huneidi & Dani Arbid). Singular stories, emerging cohorts and established micro publishing communities share their own narratives in and out of isolation. “We hope to unpack some of these stories, to build on threads that are existing and forge new connections for our communities to explore and benefit from, to bolster ideas, collaborations, and possibilities. We are eager to hear and disseminate individual tales, share specific work and ideas that allude to or are tangential to organizational and structural responses possible in this brave new world we inhabit.”