browsing copy
KHL Printing, 57 Loyang Dr, Singapore
8 – 9 June 2019
Panel programme: 2-6pm on both days
Book launch: Saturday 8 June, 6-8pm

Where artistic production is read habitually towards the exhibition as the final mode of presentation and consumption, browsing copy seeks to advance the artist’s book as an alternative site.

HO ‘releasing into the wild’ conversation with Miti RUANGKRITYA of 11C (Bangkok) on the question of the publics of publishing, with a closing note on newsprint with Mr. ZHAO of KHL Printing in Singapore, reminiscent of ‘industry talk’ with dear Fatty (王祖裕 WANG Zuyu of Wang Jie Binding Factory, Wuhan) some years ago…

—— browsing copy is curated by CHENG Jia Yun and Selene YAP in collaboration with Currency Design and KHL Printing. This initiative has been made possible with the support of the National Arts Council, Arts Fund, The Japan Foundation Asia Center Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration and RJ Paper.