Recent sighting in Rotterdam, HO on full summer logistical operations:

     Among several recent inquiries into the illicit movements of goods and people, the LIGHT LOGISTICS project organised by Display Distribute operates as a burgeoning distribution platform and travelogue in service of the channels between readers and independent publishers. As a ‘not-in-time’ enterprise, LIGHT LOGISTICS appropriates the surplus carrying power of a network of travellers, forging an intimate architecture of global logistics and simultaneously creating other forms of encounter and knowledge exchange parallel to the print-based production of critical practices in art and theory from East and Southeast Asia.

Elaine W. Ho was named LIGHT LOGISTICS Courier of the Month in August 2016.

Last week, an「Epilogue」to launch future collaborations and speaking of life and encounters via the interweb, sharing Display Distribute’s LIGHT LOGISTICS project in the beautiful company of Publication Studio Rotterdam, Nathalie HARTJES from MAMA, and VJ collab ZWILLINGPAAR. Finissage event for Publication Studio Rotterdam’s exhibition Catalogue, on view from 12 May-22 July, 2018 at Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam.

All images courtesy of Publication Studio Rotterdam, more info about the event here.