取景 Frame
张辽源 Zhang Liaoyuan
2018.03.20 – 05.20

值箭厂空间十周年之际,我们荣幸地展出杭州艺术家张辽源最新的装置作品《取景》。《取景》对箭厂空间之前的临街玻璃门进行了空间和感官的转移 – 一次平实的颠覆和重新定位。在过去的8个月里,北京胡同中的商店门脸大量减少或是就此消失,这从某种角度也可以视为官方对胡同空间视觉上的一次“重新架构”行动。在箭厂空间内部,张辽源把原先的塑钢推拉门固定在天花板上,将推拉门转变成一个发光的灯箱。即使空间曾经的展示效果受到了削弱,但作品《取景》以微妙的姿态呈现了一道被框住的风景,同时(门)框架也成为了这道风景本身。


张辽源1980年出生于山东潍坊, 2006年毕业于中国美术学院新媒体系,目前在该校跨媒体学院任教。他曾在杭州想象力学实验室(2017)和上海比翼艺术中心(2008)举办个展,参加过的群展包括广州影像三年展(2017),掩体-对白(北京掩体空间,2017),深圳新媒体艺术节(2016),东京惠比寿国际影像艺术祭(2016),《ON | OFF》(北京UCCA,2013) 和《明室》(北京泰康空间,2012)。

Happily coinciding with our tenth anniversary, Arrow Factory is pleased to present Frame, a new site-specific installation by Hangzhou-based artist ZHANG Liaoyuan. Frame offers a spatial and perspectival shift on Arrow Factory’s former glass storefront – a literal upending and re-orienting. For the past eight months, government manhandling of many small businesses in our area has seen shop windows and doors severely diminished or eliminated, an act of “re-framing” the hutong vista by authorities. In the interest of self-preservation, the Arrow Factory façade has too been altered to approximate our neighbors. Inside the space, ZHANG affixes Arrow Factory’s original doorframe to the ceiling, and turns our former façade into a glowing light box. Hemmed in by a reduced display, ZHANG’s work results in a subtle caper, presenting views that are framed, as well as (door) frames that become the view.

The title, Frame, is conceptualized as both noun and verb, object and action. The proportions of our altered window allude to the shape of cellphones and/or television monitors – screens that increasingly define our interface with the world. Steeped in an ongoing exploration of what it means to see, ZHANG’s artistic practice is a mixture of manipulated video, photography, and installation that addresses the phenomenon of vision, and the processes of how images are formed.

Zhang Liaoyuan (b. 1980, in Shandong Province, China) graduated from the New Media department of the China Academy of Art in 2006 and is currently a lecturer at the same academy in the School of Intermedia. Exhibitions include solo shows at Imagokinetics Lab (Hangzhou, 2017) and Bizart (Shanghai, 2008), as well as group exhibitions such as the Guangzhou Image Triennial (2017), Bunker-Dialogue (The Bunker, Beijing, 2017), Shenzhen New Media Art Festival (2016), Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions (Tokyo, 2016), ON|OFF (UCCA, Beijing, 2013) and Light Room (Taikang Space, Beijing, 2012). He lives and works in Hangzhou.