更多關於何穎雅和Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga的《明日大致多雲》散文紀錄片,請到這裡,或者here

A private screening of our 2013 documentary essay Precipitations was hosted at Soeng Joeng Toi in Guangzhou recently, happy for those cloudy days… Thank you to CE Zhenhao for initiating!

and an outtake, courtesy of 許美玲 Irene HUI and 朱迪斯·巴特勒 Judith BUTLER:

In other words, we must appear to others in ways that we ourselves cannot know, that we must become available to a perspective that established by a body that is not our own. And if we ask, where do we appear? Or where are we when we appear? It will be over there, between us, in a space that exists only because we are more than one, more than two, plural and embodied. The body, defined politically, is precisely organized by a perspective that is not one’s own and is, in that sense, already elsewhere, for another, and so in departure from oneself.

-Judith BUTLER, “Bodies in Alliance and the Politics of the Street