DT sketchartificial desert: trying to map that which has yet to be experimented

Theatre44_20161231sewingbeing grateful for unplanned labour to replace unplanned words

80 page proposal80 pages of possibility on the factory floor

Theatre44_20170101bag01實踐論:sewn gear kits for entering and retreating back off the street

notes from Franco Berardi "Bifo", 19 January 2017notes from Franco BERARDI “Bifo”, 19 January 2017

Theatre44_20170102bag02“廣州製造” | 設計:朱建林,製作:何穎雅
design: Tom ZHU, assembly: Elaine W. HO, MADE IN GUANGZHOU

Theatre 44: script of poet WANG Wei had not reached the street, on bush on deck

notes from Ricardo Bellofiore, 19 January 2017notes from Riccardo BELLOFIORE, 19 January 2017

“Silly Ho” by TLC, from the 1999 album FanMail

HOES tibur