New exhibition at Arrow Factory 箭厂空间新展览:


Xyza Cruz Bacani

箭厂空间荣幸地推出摄影师Xyza Cruz Bacani在中国大陆的首次个展《局外人》。本次展览选取的43张照片均于2013年至2014年在香港拍摄。这些饱和度极高的黑白图像描绘了香港的日常生活场景,其范围从街景延伸到对较为私密的劳动景象的表现,亲密却又疏离。


Xyza Cruz Bacani是一位纪实摄影师,作品登上过《纽约时报》视觉博客、CNN以及其他国际媒体出版物。她曾在香港当过十年菲佣,现在专注于研究移民及人权等问题。Bacani 2015年获得马格南基金会人权项目奖学金。她之前参加的展览包括:《莫测/即兴》 (菲律宾大学瓦尔加斯美术馆,2015年)、《共同的往昔》(香港外国记者会,2015年)和《工余》 (香港Para Site艺术空间,2016年)。

展览《局外人》由林沁怡策划。林沁怡是一位新加坡的独立策展人和作家,曾在香港Para Site艺术空间、新加坡国立大学博物馆以及新加坡美术馆担任策展职务,并在2012年完成了荷兰的阿贝尔策展项目。她策划的展览和项目包括《Orchestrations | 杨嘉辉》(香港Para Site艺术空间,2016年)、《无法承担的奢侈》(香港Para Site艺术空间,2015年)、《能走为何还要留?》(阿姆斯特丹市立博物馆,2012年)、《三个艺术家走进酒吧…》(阿贝尔当代艺术中心,2012年)和《Telah Terbit: Out Now 》(新加坡美术馆,2006年)。


The Outlier

Xyza Cruz Bacani
Oct 2 – Dec 5, 2016

Arrow Factory is pleased to present The Outlier by Xyza Cruz Bacani in her first mainland China solo presentation. Consisting of a selection of 43 photographs taken during 2013-14 in Hong Kong, these heavily saturated black and white images depict the everyday scenes and occasions in Hong Kong, intimate yet distant, ranging from streetscapes to less public manifestations of labor in Hong Kong.

The title, The Outlier, draws from Bacani’s personal position as a Filipina and her former profession as a domestic worker in Hong Kong where complex societal and political discrimination against this type of migrant labor has caused longstanding communities such as this to slip through the cracks of society, unrecognized and unappreciated. For the duration of this presentation, Arrow Factory has turned into a lightbox through the layering of Bacani’s photographs both as printed sticker across the doorframe and as an ongoing projection of the images. The Outlier creates a deliberate duality whether encountering the work during the day or night, and expands on the position of the outlier to include that of the general public in the hutong.

Xyza Cruz Bacani is a documentary photographer who has been featured on the New York Times Lens Blog, CNN and various international media publications. Having spent almost a decade in Hong Kong as a domestic worker, her current research focuses on the migrants and human rights issues. Bacani was one of the 2015 Magnum Foundation Human Rights Fellows. Past exhibitions include Unpredictable, Unscripted(University of Philippines Vargas Museum, 2015 ), Shared Past (Foreign Correspondent Club, Hong Kong, 2015) and Afterwork (Para Site, Hong Kong, 2016).

Guest Curator Qinyi Lim is an independent curator and writer based in Singapore. She previously held curatorial positions at Para Site, Hong Kong; National University of Singapore Museum and the Singapore Art Museum. Lim completed the de Appel Curatorial Programme in 2012. Past projects include Orchestrations | Samson Young(Para Site, 2016); A Luxury We Cannot Afford (Para Site, 2015); Why Stay If You Can Go? (Stedelijk Museum, 2012), Three Artists Walk Into A Bar . . . (de Appel, 2012) andTelah Terbit: Out Now (Singapore Art Museum, 2006).

Xyza Cruz Bacani | The Outlier is made possible in part through the support of New Century Art Foundation (NCAF).