“Utopia”《 理想国》 is an exhibition in B.R.C., a new space near Luoma Lake, Shunyi 罗马湖, Beijing. The show is in response to the impending demolition of a section of artists’ studios near the lake, and will be on display until 2022.1.1 (likely to be extended). It’s a lovely show, and not just because I made some work for it, but the exhibition as a whole is very site-specific and works well in that environment. If you are in the area, it is highly recommended to visit. (AND there is surprisingly good food around the lake!)

B.R.C.新空间展览《理想国》北京顺义罗马湖艺术家工作室要拆迁收启发。 2021.12.01 开幕,到 2022.1.1(也许会延长)。 是个有意思的群展,如果在附近的话,推荐参观。 (湖周围也有美味食!)

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Map to BRC 展览空间位置
Rania Ho 何颖宜
Lin Shu 林舒
Sun Meng (top) Lin Shu (below) 孙盟(上)林舒(下)


Sun Meng 孙盟
Sun Meng 孙盟
Qin Guanwei 秦观伟
Qin Guanwei 秦观伟


Wang Wei 王卫
Yan Shi 阎实
Yan Shuo 阎硕
Yang Wei 杨威