“Hoes We Like” by Mac Dre featuring Sleepdank, from the 1998 album Stupid Doo Doo Dumb


some new updates to website, to website, or website…? like the garish and gaudy, these things are not meant to be easy and in fact may warrant aversions of the eye or a matter of detours—the détournement. i am a terrible editor. this is a very roundabout way of speaking about inefficiency, about belatedness, about why and how we live amidst complexity and why that, in all of its maximalism, is just is. his ‘wisdom’ knows that i will find something important in every damned thing, in all of the wastes of yous. but she says, 「不融入」.

someone else says, 「放下,不是『放棄』,不是『失去』」.